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Learning & Organizational Development Outsourcing

Building an internal Talent Development function and team to lead and manage learning and organizational development strategies may be beyond the reach of some organizations; and yet, learning and organizational development are critical to every organization’s ability to deliver business and people and culture strategies and objectives. The challenge comes into costs in hiring FTE talent to lead and manage your learning and organizational development needs. Costs and scale are both issues, as we know it takes more than one individual to build and lead Talent Development across the organization.

Talent Development is often a luxury that many organizations can’t financially afford, yet strategically can’t afford not to have. We can help by …

Acting as an extension of your existing people and culture team

Co-designing with you and your leadership team your organization’s internal talent mobility strategy and short-, medium- and long-range plans

Providing the full range of learning and organizational development solutions like an internal talent function at costs less than the equivalent of one FTE

Providing talent development solutions across a broad range from DEIB to learning and development for individual contributors and leaders to organizational change / transformation support and more

Equipping your organization with a full team of specialists and subject matter experts across all learning and development disciplines; a full expanse that even large organizations can rarely afford to build and maintain in-house

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