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Team Development

So much of the work organizations need to accomplish is done in teams, and yet teams often get overlooked when planning for capability development. Dependent upon the scale and complexity of their work, some of these teams can work together for many months to years and are often charged with strategically critical objectives. Supporting teams with focused learning and development and periodic team facilitation and coaching can truly accelerate their progress and results, while increasing their satisfaction and engagement working together. 

Equipping teams with the capabilities and tools they need to be successful equates to organizational success in achieving business goals and objectives. We can help enable team optimization through …

Designing optimal team set-up and formation practices and tools, including team recruitment and selection, team on-boarding, and team formation (objectives, goals, deliverables, scope, performance metrics, roles and responsibilities, stakeholder alignment, team norms and more)

Aligning required team competencies, strengths, and deficiencies with a targeted team development curriculum extending through immediate to ongoing needs

Assessing teams in action to determine opportunities to further optimize team deliverables, timing, efficiencies, quality, engagement, and team and stakeholder satisfaction

Supporting teams with objective team facilitators and coaches to provide real-time coaching and advice to strengthen team operations

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