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Getting State Funding

Hands On can help you obtain funding for your learning programs through various state learning grants.

Here’s how this works …

If you are a for-profit organization, you’re probably already paying into a state fund that taxes organizations for learning. Those funds go into a state pool, where you can apply for $200,000.00 or more to support your learning programs.

Don’t have time to apply for a grant?

  • You can contact vendors like Hands On who are experienced in obtaining state grants
  • We apply for you
  • We design and deliver your learning curriculum (providing all content, materials and facilitators)
  • We manage the program fully, including all communications, scheduling and reporting
  • We manage all state reporting

What are the benefits of learning?

  • Helps up-level staff and leader skills and capabilities
  • Enables you to focus on specific topics related to your organization’s industry, vision and strategy
  • Helps your organization better attract and retain talent
  • Improves employee and leader engagement and satisfaction

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